Vins Sable Camargue, wines born on moving an emoting quick sands

Unique know-how, land full of history, the Camargue awakens our senses.

It covers nearly 3000 hectares of unspoilt nature, and in this wild environment that has been domesticated for centuries, 115 winemakers and vine growers work with passion, deeply led by the desire to create exceptional wines.

From the small winemaker who cultivates a few rows of vines and medium family estates, to the largest European property, they are committed at aim to work altogether on this terroir and make the most of it, based on their ancestral know-how.

The Camargue, bathed by sun, lined with long fine sand beaches, shelters this vineyard lulled by blue waters of Mediterranean Sea.

With Aigues-Mortes as its capital, the vineyards of Vins Sable de Camargue invite you to discover its history, a secular history which conjugates in the present!

Vins Sable de Camargue, a cultural product to be tasted

The Sable de Camargue wines provide you an original experience: a sensory and cultural discovery at the heart of a mythical environment.

Just be carried away by the immensity of landscapes, ponds, lagoons, reed beds and dunes. And let the intoxicating scents of hot sand, tamarisk and pines charm you.

The Gris and Gris de Gris, wines with character!

The Gris and Gris de Gris are the emblematic wines of our production. Very different from classic rosé wines, they perfectly reflect their terroir with a pale salmon color and a characteristic balance in the mouth that combines suppleness (absence of tannin), roundness, freshness (acidity) and iodine notes related to the marine influence.

The wines have a floral or fruity aromatic palette (white fruit, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, red fruits …), mixed with mineral notes.

The Grenache Gris and Noir belong to the fundamental grape varieties of our wines. After harvesting, they are gently pressed to obtain juices, that ferment then becomes exceptional wines.

Delicate and nuanced wines, they are characterized by their light and pale color, elegant on the palate and with a freshness like no other, they will be able to pair with the most refined meals as with the simplest dishes, for a lunch in the shade of a parasol pine, an evening buffet with friends …

Magical enjoyment and friendship moments to share.

Discover the flavors of a terroir which is full of natural emotions…

Wild landscape and land of wonder to preserve

In this fragile environment endowed with exceptional fauna and flora of more than 1000 species, Man has been respectfully exploiting for centuries the wealth that Mother Nature provides Him.

In order to preserve and enhance this unique natural heritage, attached to the former coastal strecht of dunes, a biosphere reserve has been created. So, the Camargue Region has been classified as a Zone Natura 2000.

Additional reasons for local winemakers to protect their landscapes and their crops. Nowadays, they are getting more and more strongly engaged in global agri-environmental approaches such as High Environmental Value or Organic Viticulture.

The Geographic zone
Geographic area of the GPI (INAO – Institut National des Apellations d’Origine)